Marketing solutions to power your bottom-line.

Let’s get one thing clear.

We really don’t want big clients …

SMEs typically manage a number of marketing suppliers and have to assemble sales campaigns themselves.  Critical needs, notably copywriting, can be virtually impossible to source.  Leaving companies with little choice than to write their own material. 

These issues inspired the creation of mc2WORDPOWER.  Which from the outset touched a nerve.  Caught fire.  Grew.  And became mc2POWERSTATION.

The days of SMEs hunting around for quality marketing services are over.

Accompanied by skilled, insightful strategy, SMEs are now able to source truly smart solutions to power their marketing.  Conveniently.   And at very reasonable cost. 

Purpose-built to directly meet the needs of everyday business.  mc2 marketing services come as no-nonsense solutions.  Structured and priced for alignment with the businesses they power.

We are at the forefront of consumer dynamics and marketing technology.  Our method operates to global-brand standards.  So our clients enjoy world-class internet, email, social, video, sales promotion, loyalty, presentation, training and print-based marketing services. 

But delivered as SME solutions.  From a single source.  At exceptionally low cost.  In a form of genuine partnership.

In effect, we have re-imagined the 'advertising agency'.  For today’s marketplace.  For tomorrow’s enterprises.  For a new style of business alliance.  For SMEs.

SMALL is the new big!

We would relish the opportunity to power your marketing.  And for you to experience first-hand the difference of our approach.

We are mc2.       
The marketing powerstation.
Fired up for SMEs.