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PERSONALITY characterisation

 the PITCH

 mc2BRANDPRINT brings absolute clarity and definition to a company’s brand.  

Any company - from tiny to vast.

It describes, precisely:

- competitive positioning (your winning formula)

- role and purpose (why your Company exists, what it does that benefits consumers more)

- character and personality (how you plan to come across)

Then tests all aspects, so your marketplace advantages are validated and optimised.   Messages are clear and credible.   And your brand is firmly centred, so all communications (from Facebook to the Front Desk signage) all speak harmoniously and with common voice.

These basic disciplines are what turned simple product names, like Palmolive, Levi’s and Apple into billion dollar brands.

Yet they all started life, modestly, somewhere.   Which is why we have developed mc2BRANDPRINT.   So your business, whatever size or age, can benefit from thorough brand planning.

You will enjoy the benefits of this work for years to come.

The process

mc2BRANDPRINT takes one week to complete.

Day One : Immersion

Client questionnaire

mc2 research

Day Two : Thinking

Day Three : Strategy formulation

Day Four : Write-up and testing

Day Five : Delivery to client  

The output

mc2BRANDPRINT is about absolute clarity.   So don’t expect a lot of words.   In fact, we work really hard to use as few words as possible!

Using less words is far harder.   It forces the ultimate distillation of a brand into:

- the most effective position in the market

- it’s raw purpose  

- and crisp personality

These three elements embody a brand.   And are the core of mc2BRANDPRINT.

Typically they take the following form:

Positioning statement

Prime prospect

A simple description of attitudes, behaviour and characteristics of the target audience

Competitive frame

Who are we competing against.   Who loses the sales we make

Point of Difference

The single, most powerful promise which our product delivers that the competition can’t


The single, most motivating and unique reason or aspiration for the target to buy this brand

Brand purpose

Your content goes here...

Personality statement


“I am a positive character.   Results-orientated.   Forward thinking.   The past can’t be changed, so I don’t dwell on it, other than to bring my experience and accumulated resources to bear when helping Marketers optimise the potential of their marketing resources.

I am collaborative.   I like to work closely with top marketing professionals.   Understand their business.   Their concerns.   Their stress points.   Their ambitions.   And use my talents to help enable them to realise better business results, and a more fulfilling life.   I put Marketers in a much better place; assist them and their resources to be the best they can be.

I prefer to fix relationships, rather than replace them.   Solve problems, rather than just sell services.

This is why people feel smart when they chose to work with me.   Like they made a wise choice - in better control, more likely to succeed.

I feel refreshed by my new initiatives.   I now have 11 offices on four continents, so I’m thinking and operating global, with exciting plans for additional markets like China.   Plus I have innovative new products coming through, that will bring focus and definition to the way I work, allow me to talk more specifically about tangible benefits and give me controlled delivery throughout the world.

And I have designs on a sharper image, with a tighter message and more vibrant, engaging tone.

But it's not like I have undergone some radical insurgence.   Far from it, I am still firmly committed to the touchstone promise that I will help Marketers get more from their marketing resources.   All the expertise and knowledge I have built up over the years is still valuable and relevant.   As is my significant tool-kit.   I am the like-able guy you can trust with your marketing challenges.   I’m the longest established.   The one with xx Fortune500 Marketers under my belt.   The most authoritative and believable.   Plus, I still remain firmly independent, which underlines my enviable reputation for integrity.   Someone recently described me as a ‘badge of honour’.

In truth, its more like a resurgence.   More fresh, dynamic, performance-orientated … foot-forward and confident.   I like it.

The new xxx Programme is a perfect example.   A tight and specific product; data-fuelled, opportunity-driven.   It will enable Marketers to optimise their agency choices and relationships; their internal processes and structures; team skills development and, of course, their actual results ….   It all adds up to improved Return on Investment, with a broad, strategic view of investment, for total optimisation of marketing resources.   It also ensures   my relationships with Marketers are planned and organised.   They can clearly see my intentions regarding the relationship.   Short-term, visible and measurable results; long-term benefits that will be seized and captured, ensuring strategic alignment with corporate goals.

It feels right, boosts my image and gives me a memorable package to talk about in terms of upgraded results.   Shorthands my credentials and expertise.   This will especially appeal to Asian Marketers, who prefer results orientated, defined offers; clearly laid our processes and transparently priced solutions.  

What people appreciate most is my love of performance.   Getting results.   I’m obsessive about it.   It's my business.   I relish helping companies get more from their marketing.   In fact, I have plans for xxxx, which will help Marketers at levels tune-up their Marketing Resource Management skills. Its another step towards my goal of offering even more MRM value, and keeps me ahead of my competition.

But, above all else, I stand in front of a team of committed, experienced professionals.   You will be meeting them, and hearing from them much more in the future.   They have something valuable to say, that I believe you will appreciate.   Together, we will speak more dynamically, which underlines our energy and contemporary grip on key issues.   And more interactively, which underlines our culture of enablement and emphasises our association with technology

I have an appetite for the future.   I’m committed to my aims.   And I’ll work hard to consolidate my position as the most experienced global consulting firm specialising in marketing resource management.  

I represent both talents and tools.   And benefit marketers personally and professionally.   That is why I am synonymous with best-practice marketing and optimising RoI.”

mc2BRANDPRINT is priced at us$2,500