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By: mc2 | April 27, 2015

Who wouldn't want their marketing to be profitable?  Its obvious, right?

By: mc2 | March 23, 2015

Hands up, I'm a marketing junkie.  I was hooked by the time I was 6, and have never kicked the habit since!

Ok, at that time I was selling manure to retirees living on a caravan park (rose pride - big deal ...).  And I had never actually heard of marketing.  But it occurred to me recently that the fundamentals then remain fundamentally true today …

  • First off, I had the best shit, literally
  • I did doorstep delivery, way before Domino’s
  • Sold pre-bagged, so the minimum order was affordable
  • And planned sales cycles (all the gardens were the same size, so consumption rates were predictable) which was a rudimentary CRM, I guess …

But always the hardest part was getting the first order from a new customer. Cold-calling. Rejection. No money for...