Marketing solutions to power your bottom-line.
Profitable marketing solutions for SMEs  
Ready-made packages, tailored for your needs
Harnessing technologies
Powering your bottom-line

SMALL is the new big.

60 million ... that's roughly the number of Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMEs) around the world. 
Companies just like yours, perhaps.  Certainly like ours!

An international commitment of blood, sweat and tears.  Pride.  Responsibility.  

And, let's be honest, a really BIG sum of money invested into marketing by the owners of those businesses.

Yet when it comes to marketing solutions, smart services for SMEs are thin on the ground.  

Essential marketing solutions - like effective copywriting, regular content for social media, complete websites, deal-clinching presentations - can be tough to source at a high standard, at sensible cost.  

Which could leave you vulnerable in your marketplace.  And sometimes with little choice than to roll-up your sleeves and do it yourself!    

The fact is, SMEs typically manage a number of marketing services suppliers, and then assemble their own promotions and campaigns.  

Which soaks-up valuable management time.  Loads-up stress levels.  Diverts attention from your customers.  And often leads to disappointing results.

This is plainly wrong, and In essence inspired the creation of mc2. 

SMEs are now able to source truly smart marketing solutions to power their sales.  

At very reasonable cost.  
Purpose-built to meet their needs.  

Straight out of the box.

mc2 marketing services come as no-nonsense solutions.  

Packaged and priced to specifically meet the needs of the businesses they power.

Yet bursting with creative, insightful, powerful thinking, 

We are at the forefront of consumer dynamics and marketing technologies.  

Our method (The Right Way) draws on over 30 years experience of international brand marketing , reflecting the process and discipline of global marketing giants, like Publicis and FCB.
Interwoven with a lifetime of hands-on SME ownership ...

So you can enjoy world-class internet, email, social, video, sales promotion, identity, presentation, print-based marketing solutions.  Plus planning, consultancy and optimisation services.
Of an international standard.
On a practical basis.
At sensible cost.

Delivered as solutions.  
From a single source.  
At exceptionally low cost.  

Pay as you benefit.
In a form of genuine partnership.

This is genuinely different.  

And we believe massively better for SMEs looking to grow. 

In effect we have re-imagined the 'advertising agency'.  Bit-by-bit.  From the ground up. 

For today’s marketplace.  For tomorrow’s businesses.  

For a new style of sensible, commercial alliance.

In plain speak, a partnership.  Focused on growth.

Take the mc2 challenge ...

We would relish the opportunity to power your marketing.  

And for you to experience first-hand the difference of our approach.

Challenge us to prove it!

We are mc2.  
The marketing power station.

Where the mysteries of marketing have evolved into Marketing as a Service.

And the benefits emerge in the form of profit.


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